• My wife plants flower and I need dirt for the yard dog digging holes what tote do I order
    I would recommend the TerraTote Garden soil. It is the best all - around soil product and will suit both tasks well. Thanks! Jack
  • Is the top soil in the TerraTote appropriate for a rain garden?
    What a great idea! Our premium garden soil would be a nice addition in any rain garden. Simply roto-till the garden soil into your native soil and you will end up with a finished product high in organic material. Rain water will be quickly absorbed into this highly organic soil, and your plants will love it too. Good Luck!

    Please call our office if you have any questions.

  • Does the TerraTote bag protect the soil? I'm concerned about having muddy soil if it's rained on.
    The TerraTote will shed most water off of the soil, however some rain may seep through the opening. It will still be workable in most cases after rain.
  • How much soil comes in a TerraTote?
    In each tote bag, there are approximately 1.1 cubic yards of soil product. This will roughly cover a 325 sqft area to a depth of one inch.
  • What are the components of your topsoil? Does it contain treated sewage?
    There is no treated sewage in our garden soil. Our topsoil product is comprised of aged mushroom compost and topsoil.