Pick Up and Delivery

  • If I live on a narrow one way street, could I still have TerraTotes or sod delivered?
    You can! Our experienced drivers encounter this type of scenario often. Usually they will safely park on an adjacent road and deliver the product via forklift. It can be placed anywhere you need as long as it is forklift-accessible.
  • Do you guys have sod available year round? And do you deliver small amounts like 4-5 square feet?
    Our Illinois locations will shut down for several months during the winter because the frozen ground prevents us from harvesting. Give our office a call at (800) 310-0402 for more info regarding delivery. Thanks!
  • I have a gate. how wide do you need to pass thru
    Our forklifts are just over 8' feet wide and require an opening of at least 8 1/2' feet. Please let us know if you have any other questions! -Jack