Installation Questions

  • How quickly does the shade boss spread?
    Shade Boss will spread laterally between 6" - 12" per year depending on conditions. Be sure to provide ample fertilizer and moisture to encourage faster establishment.
  • Is it to late to fertilize? If not what kind do you recommend if I installed the Kentucky Bluegrass in July?
    (Asked Nov 15th) It is likely too late... Early November is the latest that we would recommend fertilizing cool season turfgrass in the Mid-Atlantic. (Also if you are in Maryland, then Nov 15th is the last day you can legally fertilize). I would be sure to fertilize first thing in the spring... I personally use the Turftrust Fertilizer we have on our website but you can also use any quality lawn fertilizer. Thanks!
  • When is it too late to lay sod?
    For our cool season grasses like Durablend Tall Fescue and HD 2000 Kentucky Bluegrass, you can install sod all year long. Fall is a great time to install because the of the cooler weather; the sod will be less likely to dry out.

    Our warm season grasses, like Zenith Zoysia and Sovereign Bermudagrass, are better to install in the spring or summer. They will start to go dormant with the first killing frost.

  • I'm having some landscaping work done this winter. When is the best time to have zoysia sod planted? I'll mostly need about 1500 square feet.
    Zoysia CAN be installed during the winter, but will lay dormant and not take root until spring. We usually recommend that Zoysia be installed anywhere from April - September, but winter installations are usually successful as well. Please email or call if you have any other questions! Thanks, Jack
  • How soon should sod be installed after receiving delivery?
    The time you have to install sod depends greatly on the outside air temperature. Sod is a living plant and begins to decompose as soon as it is rolled up. The number one factor in decomposition rate is heat. If the temperature is in the 80's or higher, you should install the sod within 24 hours. If the temperature is in the 50 - 70 degree range, you may have a couple days to install it. If it is near freezing outside, you have up to a week to install sod. When in doubt, its always best to install sod ASAP!
  • How much sod comes on one pallet?
    We usually put 600 square feet on one pallet.
  • How many rolls or pallets do I need for a given area?
    Typically, you can call our office with the dimensions in feet - or area in square feet - and we can calculate how many pallets you need. If you want to calculate it on your own, read on.

    To find the area of your space, you would multiply the two dimensions (length by width). You would then divide this number by 10 to find the number of rolls you need. Dividing by 600 would give you the number of full pallets you need.

  • What should I do to my existing grass one week before I put in zoysia plugs?
    That's a great question. I would not advise doing anything a week before installation. You should, however, mow your existing grass as short as possible on the day of plug installation. Install your plugs and water the area. It's a great idea to get a soil test of your site, too. The test results will indicate any deficiencies and your pH level. The test results will also offer recommendations.

    Next summer, you should maintain a low cut on your lawn and about every three weeks, fertilize with 1/3 lb/1000 sqft rate of 46-0-0 in June, July and August. These actions will add some stress and weaken your cool season grass, in the meantime, your Zoysia plugs will start to take over.

  • Should I get a soil pH test done before I lay my sod?
    It is a good idea to get a soil test before installing sod. The results of a soil test will determine the soil pH and the soil nutrient levels. You then adjust these levels by applying the appropriate lime and fertilizer, if needed. Soil test kits can be found at our farm sales locations. Soil test results are usually in 2 weeks.
  • My yard has sandy soil. It has been killed and cleared down to the soil. Should I apply topsoil, seed, and then top dressing?
    Great timing on your question. The best time to seed a cool season grass in MD is the month of September. Since you mentioned you have sandy soil, I would indeed recommend adding some sort of topsoil, garden soil, or Leaf-Gro product as a soil amendment. This will add much needed organic material to your sandy site. Incorporate this product into your existing soil. Level and grade the site. You can then add some starter fertilizer and finally seed. There is no need to topdress your newly seeded yard.
  • Do you install sod?
    We do not offer any sod installation service; however, If you call our office, we can provide you with the phone numbers of installers in your area.
  • What's the best way to lay sod. Do you need a roller?
    The best way to go about installing sod is to be prepared beforehand. Gather a rake, water hose, sprinklers, fertilizer and spreader, knife or shovel(to cut sod), and string (for a straight line). Prepare the site in advance by adding soil and amendments if needed. Next, level and grade the site, then apply a starter fertilizer. When installing new sod, stagger the seams like laying bricks. Have the soil underneath moist while laying; the objective is to obtain good soil to soil contact and minimize air pockets which could dry out the new sod.
  • What can I use to cut sod to make it fit my area?
    Some professional turf installers will use a sharpened linoleum knife. You can typically find these at your local hardware store. Others will simply use the sharp end of a flat shovel. Any stiff and sturdy kitchen knife will work, too.
  • I have mole tunnels all over my lawn, but I would like to sod. What steps should I take?
    First you will need to eradicate the moles by either using mole bait or a mole repellent, both of which are available at your local Garden Center/Home Store. The next step would be to remove the moles' food source, which is normally grubs. This can be done with a product such as Imidacloprid or its brand name, Merit. As with all turf management products, please read and follow label instructions. Till the area and rake to remove grassy clumps and level the area. Apply starter fertilizer and install sod.