About Central Sod

Central Sod Farms was established in 1976 on a small 20 acre farm in Wheatland, Illinois. A family operation from the start, Central Sod soon grew to over 300 acres of sod production overseen by Dick Warpinski Sr. and his 9 children. The early days of sod production was slow and labor intensive, requiring year-round labor to plant, maintain, harvest and deliver quality turf to Chicago's customers.

Early Days of Central Sod

Above is a vintage picture showing some of Dick Sr.'s family in a sod field with an early delivery truck.

The 1980s and 90s brought continued growth and expansion for the farm. Two of Dick Sr.'s sons moved to Maryland to open a sod operation to serve the Mid-Atlantic market. The farms in Illinois continued to grow in acreage and sales, eventually adding 4000 acres in sod and grain production.

The Main Office of the Maryland Operation

Throughout the growth of the company, a strong emphasis on producing a quality product has paid back dividends to Central Sod's reputation. Landscapers know that their clients will be impressed by the beautiful grasses that Central Sod supplies. Homeowners turn to Central Sod for advice on growing an impeccable lawn. Sports Turf Managers know that fields sodded with Central Sod are ready to play sooner and perform better than any other grass.

Central Sod Today

Today Central Sod is a national leader in sod production. Cutting edge technology developed in the past 10 years has enabled us to provide even better products. University selected blends mean customers are always buying turf that is the top performer in the region. Sophisticated harvesters ensure fresh sod is cut only hours before delivery. As always, the quality of the final product is still paramount to everything that Central Sod does.